Annals of Carnegie Museum: Volume 74

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Volume 74, Number 4, 30 December 2005

  • New structures and reconstructions of the skull of seymouriamorph Seymouria sanjuanensis Vaughn. Jozef Klembara, David S Berman, Amy C. Henrici, and Andrej Ĉerňanský. 
  • Results of the Alcoa Foundation-Suriname expeditions. XIV. Mammals of Brownsberg Nature Park, Suriname. Burton K. Lim, Mark D. Engstrom, Hugh H. Genoways, François M. Catzeflis, Kelly A. Fitzgerald, Sandra L. Peters, Marijem Djosetro, Sandra Brandon, and Sutrisno Mitro. 
  • Decapoda (Thalassinidea and Paguroidea) from the Eocene Bateque and Tepetate formations, Baja California Sur, México: systematics, cuticle microstructure, and paleoecology. Carrie E. Schweitzer, Gerardo González-Barba, Rodney M. Feldmann, and David A. Waugh. 
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Volume 74, Number 3, 30 September 2005

  • Miocene fossil decapoda (Crustacea: Brachyura) from Patagonia, Argentina, and their paleoecological setting. Silvio Casadío, Rodney M. Feldmann, Ana Parras, and Carrie E. Schweitzer. 
  • Phylogenetic transformations of the ear ossicles in marsupial mammals, with special reference to Diprotodontians: a character analysis. Thomas Schmelzle, Sirpa Nummela, and Marcelo R. Sánchez-Villagra. 
  • Form and patterns of the external aspect of the brain and the superficial dural venous sinuses of the river dolphins (Cetacea: Odontoceti) from endocasts and their bearing on phylogenetic reconstruction. Anne M. Burrows and Timothy D. Smith.  

Volume 74, Number 2, 30 June 2005

  • Paleobiogeographic patterns in late Mississippian trilobites of the United States with new species from Montana. David K. Brezinski. 
  • Cranial anatomy and relationships of a new ctenodactyloid (Mammalia, Rodentia) from the early Eocene of Hubei Province, China. John R. Wible, Yuanqing Wang, Chuankui Li, and Mary R. Dawson.  

Volume 74, Number 1, 30 March 2005

  • Revision of the venomous snakes of Bolivia. II: The pitvipers (Serpentes: Viperidae). Michael B. Harvey, James Aparicio E., and Lucindo Gonzales A. 
  • Leptotyphylops greenwelli, a new wormsnake of the L. bicolor species group from Nigeria (Serpentes: Leptotyphlopidae). V. Wallach and Jeff Boundy. 
  • Cranial anatomy and taxonomy of the Late Permian Dicynodont Diictodon. Corwin Sullivan and Robert R. Reisz.