Annals of Carnegie Museum: Volume 70

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Volume 70, Number 4, 28 November 2001

  • Leptotarsus (Tanypremna) in the Lesser Antilles: Description of a new species from Guadeloupe and biogeographical notes (Diptera: Tipulidae). Chen W. Young. 
  • Small mammals and Foraminifera from the Anatolian (Central Taurus) Early Miocene. Engin Ünay, Eşref Atabey, and Gerçek Saraç. 
  • A new species of Gobiolagus (Lagomorpha, Mammalia) from the Middle Eocene of Shanxi Province, China. Zhao-qun Zhang, Mary R. Dawson, and Xue-shi Huang. 
  • From the Archives and Collections
    C. V. Hartman’s letter of February 20, 1903 to W. J. Holland. David R. Watters and Oscar Fonseca Zamora. 
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Volume 70, Number 3, 17 August 2001

  • A revision of the moth genus Leucania Ochsenheimer in the Antilles (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Morton S. Adams. 
  • Middle Eocene Ischyromyidae (Mammalia: Rodentia) from the Shanghuang fissures, southeastern China. Mary R. Dawson and Banyue Wang. 
  • Review
    Trogons and Quetzals of the World (Paul A. Johnsgard). Alejandro Espinosa de los Monteros. 
  • From the Archives and Collections
    Remarks on the Annals of Carnegie Museum’s centennial and the introduction of a new feature. W. Orr Goehring. 
  • Editorial from Annals of Carnegie Museum, Volume 1, Number 1 (1901). William J. Holland. 
  • An excavation in Guanacaste province, Costa Rica. David R. Watters and Oscar Fonseca Zamora. 

Volume 70, Number 2, 24 May 2001

  • The skull of Mesenosaurus romeri, a small varanopseid (Synapsida: Eupelycosauria) from the Upper Permian of the Mezen River Basin, northern Russia. Robert R. Reisz and David S Berman. 
  • A diadectid (Tetrapoda: Diadectomorpha) from the Lower Permian fissure fills of the Dolese quarry, near Richards Spur, Oklahoma. Robert R. Reisz and Tammy E. Sutherland. 
  • Rhizomyidae from the Lower Manchar Formation (Miocene, Pakistan). Wilma Wessels and Hans de Bruijn. 
  • Fleas (Siphonaptera: Ctenophthalmidae and Rhopalopsyllidae) from Argentina and Chile with two new species from the Rock Rat, Aconaemys fuscus, in Chile. Michael W. Hastriter.  

Volume 70, Number 1, 27 February 2001

  • Late Eocene-Oligocene nonmarine mollusks of the Northern Kishenehn Basin, Montana and British Columbia. Harold G. Pierce and Kurt N. Constenius.