Annals of Carnegie Museum: Volume 69

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Volume 69, Number 4, 29 November 2000

  • The Upper Paleolithic bone industry of Klithi Rock Shelter, northwest Greece. Sandra L. Olsen. 
  • Review of Miocene (Hemingfordian to Clarendonian) mylagaulid rodents (Mammalia) from Nebraska. William W. Korth. 
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Volume 69, Number 3, 9 August 2000

  • Reassessment of the North American pelobatid anuran Eopelobates guthriei. Amy C. Henrici. 
  • Homology and phylogenetic implications of some enigmatic cranial features in galliform and anseriform birds. Richard L. Zusi and Bradley C. Livezey. 
  • A new species of Carpocristes (Mammalia: Primatomorpha) from the Middle Tiffanian of the Bison Basin, Wyoming, with notes on carpolestid phylogeny. K. Christopher Beard.  

Volume 69, Number 2, 23 May 2000

  • Rhysodine beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera: Carabidae): New species, new data. II. Ross T. Bell and Joyce R. Bell. 
  • The microtine rodents from the Pit locality in Porcupine Cave, Park County, Colorado. Christopher J. Bell and Anthony D. Barnosky. 
  • New Lower  Mississippian trilobites from the Chouteau Group of Missouri. David K. Brezinski.  

Volume 69, Number 1, 18 February 2000

  • New record of Ctenodus (Osteichthyes: Dipnoi) from the Carboniferous of Montana. A. Kemp and R. Lund. 
  • Snake fauna associated with the “Earliest Recent” mammalian fauna in northeastern North America. J. Alan Holman. 
  • New Atokan productoid brachiopods from the Upper Carboniferous Ladrones Limestone of southeastern Alaska, with a preliminary note on the phylogeny and classification of the Tribe Retariini. Stanislav S. Lazarev and John L. Carter. 
  • Eocene decapod crustaceans from Pulali Point, Washington. Carrie E. Schweitzer, Rodney M. Feldmann, Annette B. Tucker, and Ross E. Berglund.