Staff & Research

Bonnie Isaac, MS
Collection Manager

Former Curators

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  • Leroy Kershaw Henry
  • Otto Emery Jennings
  • Dorothy Evelyn (Long) Pearth
  • John Adolph Shafer
  • Sue A. Thompson
  • Frederick Herbert Utech

Professional Staff

  • Meg Burroughs, Collection Assistant
  • Helen Smith, Collection Assistant
  • Loree Speedy, Field Assistant


  • Judy Boyer
  • Dean Damick

Research Associates

  • Tia-Lynn Ashman, PhD (Plant ecology)
    University of Pittsburgh

  • Harvey Ballard, Jr., PhD (Violaceae)
    Ohio University

  • Walter P. Carson, PhD (Plant ecology)
    University of Pittsburgh

  • Jerry G. Chmielewski, PhD (Antennaria)
    Slippery Rock State University

  • Allison W. Cusick (Regional floristics; plant botany)
    Ohio State University

  • Mike Ganger, PhD (Reproductive ecology of plants and flora of northwestern Pennsylvania)
    Gannon University

  • Steven P. Grund (Pennsylvania floristics)
    Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

  • Mary Joy Haywood, PhD (Pennsylvania floristics; Viola)
    Carlow College

  • Terry D. Jacobsen, PhD (Allium)
    Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

  • Susan Kalisz, PhD (plant ecology)
    University of Tennessee

  • Robert W. Kiger, PhD (Flacourtiaceae; Papaver)
    Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation

  • Masashi Ohara, PhD (Trillium)
    Hokkaido University

  • Richard Piacentini (cultivated plants)
    Phipps Conservatory

  • Thomas A. Zanoni, PhD (Caribbean floristics and systematics)
    New York Botanical Garden