Notables: Betty Watt Brooks

Betty Watt Brooks was born in 1898. She received her bachelor and masters degrees from Wellesley College. She worked for Professor Albert Francs Blakeslee and the Carnegie Institute of Washington before coming to Pittsburgh to further her studies. She began her studies at the University of Pittsburgh in 1925 and received her PhD in 1934 (taking time off to raise a family). Her research project was a study of fossil plants from the Payette Formation of Idaho.

Betty married Stanley Truman Brooks in 1927. She worked alongside her husband in Mollusks at the museum 1930–1945, at which time S.T. Brooks took a leave of absence from the museum. While at the museum, Betty collaborated with Stanley on writing the type catalogs for the Mollusks collection. In addition, Betty accompanied Stanley on several of his collecting expeditions in Newfoundland, Kansas, and other states in the southeastern US. After leaving Carnegie Museum, Betty Brooks worked for the United States Department of Commerce 1946–1950 (stationed in Germany), as a regional director for the Girl Scouts (1953–1955), and for the United States Public Health Service (1957–1970). She retired from the Public Health Service in 1970 and died in 1978.