John Wible, PhD

The Bones of the Skull of the Short-tailed Opossum Monodelphis brevicaudata (Didelphidae, Marsupialia) 


Figure 3. Monodelphis brevicaudata CM 52729, line drawing of left ear region in ventral view. Abbreviations: apm, anterior process of the malleus; as, alisphenoid; ashs, alisphenoid hypotympanic sinus; astp, alisphenoid tympanic process; at, groove for the auditory tube; bo, basioccipital; bs, basisphenoid; cf, carotid foramen; ctpp, caudal tympanic process of the petrosal; ec, ectotympanic; eo, exoccipital; eP, element of Paaw; fc, fenestra cochleae; fgpn, foramen for greater petrosal nerve; fo, foramen ovale; gf, glenoid fossa; glf, glaserian fissure; gpas, glenoid process of the alisphenoid; gpju, glenoid process of the jugal; hf, hypoglossal foramen; i, incus; ips, foramen for the inferior petrosal sinus; jf, jugular foramen; ju, jugal; m, malleus; mp, mastoid process; oc, occipital condyle; pap, paracondylar process of the exoccipital; pgf, postglenoid foramen; pgp, postglenoid process; pr, promontorium; pt, pterygoid; ptc, pterygoid canal; ptcr; posttympanic crest; ptn, posttemporal notch; ptp, posttympanic process; rtpp, rostral tympanic process of the petrosal; s, stapes; sq, squamosal; tc, transverse sinus canal; th, tympanohyal.

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