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What kind of food do Pennsylvania mammals eat?

Some mammals have very specific diets, while others eat different kinds of food depending on availability and season. This listing attempts to provide general information. For more specific information, check the listing for the mammal in question or consult the additional readings. Choose from the food preference selections shown below in order to discover which mammals share a similar diet.


 Common name  (Scientific name)
Big brown bat  Eptesicus fuscus 
Silver-haired bat  Lasionycteris noctivagans 
Red bat   Lasiurus borealis 
Hoary bat  Lasiurus cinereus 
Small-footed bat   Myotis leibii 
Northern long-eared bat   Myotis septentrionalis 
Little brown bat   Myotis lucifugus 
Indiana bat  Myotis sodalis 
Evening bat  Nycticeius humeralis 
Eastern pipistrelle  Pipistrellus subflavus 
Insects and other invertebrates 
Short-tailed shrew  Blarina brevicauda 
Least shrew  Cryptotis parva 
Masked shrew  Sorex cinereus 
Long-tailed or Rock shrew  Sorex dispar 
Smoky shrew  Sorex fumeus 
Pygmy shrew  Sorex hoyi 
Water shrew  Sorex palustris 
Eastern mole  Scalopus aquaticus 
Hairy-tailed mole  Parascalops breweri 
Star-nosed mole  Condylura cristata 
Snowshoe hare  Lepus americanus 
Eastern cottontail  Sylvilagus floridanus 
Appalachian cottontail   Sylvilagus obscurus 
Woodchuck or Groundhog  Marmota monax 
Gray squirrel  Sciurus carolinensis 
Fox squirrel  Sciurus niger 
Eastern chipmunk  Tamias striatus 
Red squirrel  Tamiasciurus hudsonicus 
Northern flying squirrel  Glaucomys sabrinus 
Southern flying squirrel  Glaucomys volans 
Beaver   Castor canadensis 
Woodrat or Pack rat  Neotoma floridana 
White-footed mouse  Peromyscus leucopus 
Deer mouse   Peromyscus maniculatus 
Red-backed vole  Clethrionomys gapperi 
Yellow-nosed vole  Microtus chrotorrhinus 
Meadow vole   Microtus pennsylvanicus 
Pine vole  Microtus pinetorum 
Muskrat  Ondatra zibethicus 
Bog lemming  Synaptomys cooperi 
Meadow jumping mouse  Zapus hudsonius 
Porcupine   Erethizon dorsatum 
Elk   Cervus elaphus 
White-tailed deer   Odocoileus virginianus 
Hooded seal  Cystophora cristata 
Coyote  Canis latrans 
Wolf  Canis lupus 
Gray fox  Urocyon cinereoargenteus 
Red fox  Vulpes vulpes 
Pine marten  Martes americana 
Fisher  Martes pennanti 
Ermine or Short-tailed weasel  Mustela erminea 
Long-tailed weasel   Mustela frenata 
Least weasel   Mustela nivalis 
Mink   Mustela vison 
Badger  Taxidea taxus 
Spotted skunk  Spilogale putorius 
River otter  Lutra canadensis 
Mountain lion  Felis concolor 
Lynx  Lynx canadensis 
Bobcat  Lynx rufus 
Plants and meat 
Opossum  Didelphis virginiana 
Thirteen-lined ground squirrel  Spermophilus tridecemlineatus 
House mouse   Mus musculus 
Norway rat  Rattus norvegicus 
Black rat   Rattus rattus 
Woodland jumping mouse  Napaeozapus insignis 
Raccoon  Procyon lotor 
Black bear  Ursus americanus 
Striped skunk  Mephitis mephitis 


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