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Common Name: Little Brown Bat




Scientific Name:
Myotis lucifugus  

Caves during winter; summer roosts include barns, attics, deserted buildings, belfries, behind shutters, and hollow trees.

Insectivorous—insects in flight.

Interesting Facts:
This is our most common species of bat. It frequently establishes nursing colonies at sites to which the females return each year. In 1939 during planning for the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Charles Mohr banded and transplanted an estimated 2,500 Myotis from tunnels that had originally been constructed for a railroad. Unfortunately, the bats did not accept this relocation some 80 miles away from the tunnels which had existed, largely undisturbed, since 1885. In late 1940, bats were still seen flying through the completed turnpike tunnels.

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