Horses Through Time

Horses Through Time is a comprehensive illustrated compilation of essays by some of the world's foremost authorities on horses. The book examines in lay terms the development of the lineage of horses through the paleontological record, the domestication of horses based on the archaeological record, the history of the interplay between humans and horses, the development of horse breeds, the lively history of equestrian sports, and the advances of equine veterinary medicine, including an extensive case study about the prestigious School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. To put horses in a global perspective, the book also discusses the living relatives of horses. New, never-before-published data presented by the researchers offer the reader easy access to the latest information in a variety of equine topics in an entertaining, yet informative, manner. Every chapter is topped off with exquisite photographs of horses, most of them in color. horses_through_time 

Horses Through Time provides fresh insights into the interplay between humans and horses, clarifying historical trends. I learned something new in every chapter. 
Jenifer Raisor, Curator of Collections, International Museum of the Horse  

A rich and multifaceted volume, this book is a feast. 
Mary Aiken Littauer. author and leading authority on horses  

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Published by Roberts Rinehart Publishers for Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 1996.
ISBN 1-57098-060-8

Table of Contents  

  1. Introduction—Sandra L. Olsen 
  2. The Ancestry of the Horse—Richard C. Hulbert, Jr. 
  3. Horse Hunters of the Ice Age—Sandra L. Olsen 
  4. Bridling Horse Power: The Domestication of the Horse—David W. Anthony 
  5. Horses in History—Juliet Clutton-Brock 
  6. In the Winner's Circle: The History of Equestrian Sports—Sandra L. Olsen 
  7. Hooves Across the Steppes: The Kazakh Life-style—Victor Shnirelman, Sandra L. Olsen, and Patricia Rice 
  8. The Proliferation of Horse Breeds—D. Phillip Sponenberg 
  9. The Advancement of Equine Medicine—Corinne Raphel Sweeney 
  10. The Living Relatives of the Horse—Susan L. Woodward 

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