Invertebrate Zoology



Identification of Carabidae from Invertebrate Faunas of Grazed Pastures in the Northeastern US and Their Associations with Farm Management Practices. 

Funded through Pennsylvania State University. Carnegie Museum of Natural History carabid specialist Bob Davidson is helping investigators at Pennsylvania State University study the influence of farm management practices on arthropod communities.

Forest Insect Research in Pennsylvania: Survey of Non-Target Insects in Wetlands Associated with Outbreaks of the Forest Tent Caterpillar, Allegheny National Forest 

Funded in part by USDA Forest Service. Similar in design to the oak habitat study, this study focuses on wetland habitats associated with pest outbreaks of Malacosoma disstria, the forest tent caterpillar. These two studies, together with a third large study completed on Kiwi/maple dominated systems, provide the most rigorous biotic study of nocturnal macrolepidoptera, carabid beetles, crane flies, and other selected lineages ever made on a National Forest. Collaboration with Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and Carnegie Museum of Natural History Botany.