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The Section of Invertebrate Zoology houses an extensive library of monographic and periodical literature on non-molluscan invertebrates, especially insects. The library is a satellite of the Library of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and both are distinct from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh although all three are housed in the same building complex. In 1998 the IZ library, primarily entomological, contained 432 meters of shelved material (184 meters of monographs, 162 meters of periodicals, and 86 meters of separates and reprints). The library has complete or partial holdings of more than 364 periodical publications in entomology, many from the last century and some no longer published. These figures do not include periodicals and other works that are not primarily entomological (such as serial publications from most major museums) which are maintained in the central Museum Library on the first floor of the main museum building.

The Lepidoptera research library is among the top five in the New World, including many rare, pre-1900 volumes. Literature coverage for other insect orders is extensive, and the resource is capable of fostering curation and research at a world level in any lineage of terrestrial or freshwater arthropods.

Library resources are shelved directly adjacent to corresponding specimen collections and provide unique and immediate access for research, curation, identification, visitor use, and on-the-job training.

Although library coverage is worldwide, special emphasis is given to maintaining literature on Lepidoptera, Diptera, and Coleoptera as well as on the Nearctic, Neotropical, and Afrotropical regions. Recent publications based in part on specimens from the museum's arthropod collection indicate the diversity of publication sources, topics, and periodicals housed in the Section Library.

Most library volumes are catalogued and their presence in the Invertebrate Zoology collection may be determined by checking in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh online catalogue. Literature located in the museum or section libraries is indicated by "CMNH-Main" and "CMNH-Invertebrate Zoology" respectively at the end of each search.

The library also contains what may be the most comprehensive collection of systematic literature on the phylum Rotifera found anywhere, based on the donation of two extensive private collections by John Gallagher and Thomas Nogrady. We have compiled a list of Rotifera literature (PDF) in the combined Gallagher-Nogrady collection, and rotifer systematists are encouraged to send additional publications they might notice that are missing from that list.

Entomological Publications Based on Carnegie Collection Taxonomic Representation (1970–2005) 

Based on 1,297 publications totalling 74,593 pages


Publications Based on Entomological Collection (1970–2005) 

Based on 1,297 publications totalling 74,593 pages. Data for 2004-2005 incomplete.