Invertebrate Zoology

Associate Curator Emeritus Chen W. Young

Epiphragma crane flies of the Caribbean Region  epiphragma 

Crane flies of the relatively large genus Epiphragma have a predominantly Southern Hemisphere distribution. The genus has been documented in all except the Afrotropical region. Of the 64 species recognized in the New World, only five species have been reported from north of Mexico. The remaining species are distributed throughout Central and South America, being most speciose in South America.

Five species of Epiphragma are previously known from the Caribbean region. Two were recorded from Cuba, one was from St. Vincent in the Lesser Antilles, and two were from Dominican Republic. Recent intensive field research by Carnegie Museum entomologists on the Caribbean insect fauna, especially Hispaniola and Puerto Rico, have discovered five additional new species from Dominican Republic and one undescribed species from Puerto Rico. Carnegie dipterist Chen Young will be describing these new species and anticipates publishing a detailed morphological treatment of Caribbean Epiphragma as part of his continuing research program on Caribbean crane flies.

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