Invertebrate Zoology

Associate Curator Emeritus Chen W. Young

Insecta: Diptera, Tipulidae in Freshwater Invertebrates of the Malaysian Region Malaysian 

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Crane flies are cosmopolitan in distribution, with about 15,000 described species in all zoogeographical regions. There are about 3,200 species described from the Oriental Region. Among them only about 400 species in 45 genera have been reported in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo. This number probably represents only about one quarter of the estimated actual number for the country. Peninsular Malaysia has its share of species of Indo-Chinese origin; Borneo has its Australian and New Guinean invaders; and both regions have widespread Oriental, and regional Sundanian elements.

malcraneflyStudy of immature stage of crane flies in general is still incomplete and this is especially true for crane flies in the Southern Hemisphere. Practically nothing is known about the larval form of Malaysian crane flies. The simplified preliminary key includes only the crane fly larvae belonging to the subfamily Tipulinae. Several larvae of terrestrial forms have also been included for comparison. For more information, see the original reference.

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freshwater coverYoung C. 2004. Tipulidae in Freshwater Invertebrates of the Malaysian Region. Academy of Sciences Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 775-785