Invertebrate Zoology

Associate Curator Emeritus Chen W. Young

First Record of Crane Fly Subgenus From Sulawesi cranefly 

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Based on larval and adult features two new species of Tipulid are being described from the northern peninsula of Sulawesi. Both are being placed in the subgenus Tipulodina within the genus Tipula and represent the first records of this subgenus from Sulawesi. These new species are being described by Chen Young, a dipterist at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The larvae of both of the new species were found in palm stumps which contained small pools of water.

Other species in the Tipulodina have been found in similar habitats, including bamboo stumps in India and Taiwan and a flooded hole in a fig tree in Sulawesi. Tipulodina larvae have also been observed feeding on mosquito larvae in these habitats. Insectivory may become necessary due to the lack of food in temporary pools of water.

The successful rearing of the larvae into adults allowed the first complete descriptions and illustrations of the last instar larvae and pupa for the subgenus Tipulodina. In addition, new data on the biology and behavior of the larvae and adults was recorded.

This information was published in 1999 in Annals of Carnegie Museum, 68:81-90.

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