Carnegie Mineralogical Award

awardThe Carnegie Mineralogical Award honors outstanding contributions in mineralogical preservation, conservation, and education that match ideals advanced in Carnegie Museum of Natural History Hillman Hall of Minerals and Gems. Established in 1987 through the generosity of The Hillman Foundation Inc., the award consists of a bronze medallion, a certificate of recognition, and a $3,000 cash prize. The award is presented each February during the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.

The annual deadline for nominations is December 15. Mineral enthusiasts, collectors, educators, curators, mineral clubs, societies, museums, universities, and publications are eligible. See below for a list of present and past winners.

You may download the nomination form (Word Document), or contact:
Marc L. Wilson
Collection Manager, Minerals
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-4080
412.622.8837 (fax)


  2016 Carnegie Mineralogical Award winner Kampf 


Photo of Eric Dorfman, the Daniel G. and Carole L. Kamin Director of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, presenting the 2016 Carnegie Mineralogical Award to Anthony (Tony) R. Kampf, curator emeritus of Minerals, Natural History Museum of LA County, at the 2017 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show


Click on linked names for images of recipients: 

2016 Anthony R. Kampf, PhD 

2015 George E. Harlow, PhD 

2014 Bryon N. Brookmyer 

2013 Gloria A. Staebler 

2012 George W. Robinson, PhD  

2011 Jeffrey E. Post, PhD 

2010 Rochester Mineralogical Symposium 

2009 Peter K. M. Megaw, PhD 

2008 Frank C. Hawthorne, PhD 

2007 Jeffrey A. Scovil 

2006 Richard C. Whiteman 

2005 June Culp Zeitner (deceased)

2004 Joel A. Bartsch, PhD 

2003 Eugene S. Meieran, PhD 

2002 Terry C. Wallace, Jr., PhD 

2001 Wendell E. Wilson, PhD 

2000 F. John Barlow, PhD (deceased)

1999 Sterling Hill Mining Museum 

1998 Robert W. Jones 

1997 Bryan K. Lees 

1996 Cornelis "Kase" Klein, PhD 

1995 Marie E. Huizing 

1994 The Mineralogical Record 

1993 Cornelius Hurlbut, Jr., PhD (deceased)

1992 Carl A. Francis, PhD 

1991 Miguel Romero Sanchez, PhD (deceased)

1990 Paul E. Desautels (deceased)

1989 Frederick H. Pough, PhD (deceased)

1988 John Sinkankas, PhD (deceased)

1987 Tucson Gem & Mineral Society