Powdermill Nature Reserve

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Field Studies in Environmental and Ecology Education 

Powdermill Nature Reserve is the environmental research center of Carnegie Museum of Natural History located in Rector, PA. Powdermill offers a variety of interdisciplinary, hands-on field studies in ecology and the environment. These studies are designed to enhance the environment and ecology curriculum of Pennsylvania schools and homeschooled students. To do this, Powdermill integrates the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Environment and Ecology, Science, and Technology Academic Standards into its educational programming.

The most popular field study units requested by schools and parents include Investigating Insects, Stream Study, Crayfish Population Study, Wetlands at Work, and Animal Adaptations and Habitats. Qualified, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic Teacher Naturalists facilitate each study.

Support from area businesses through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program supports all aspects of these programs and is critical to the continuation of strong and diverse educational programming for learners of all ages. Visit the EITC website for more information about the EITC program. For more information about supporting Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, visit the corporate giving page.