Vertebrate Paleontology

Curator Emeritus Mary R. Dawson

4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213–4080

Lagomorph Phylogeny and Paleobiogeography  

The Asian origin of lagomorphs and their mixodont allies led to a subsequent radiation and evolution of endemic lagomorph faunas in Europe, Asia, and North America. Investigations have centered on evolutionary trends within the lagomorphs and biogeographic factors that led to their present distributions.

Reference: Li, C. K., R. W. Wilson, M. R. Dawson, and L. Krishtalka. 1987. The origin of rodents and lagomorphs. Pp. 97–108 in Current Mammalogy 1 (H. H. Genoways, ed.). Plenum Press, New York, New York.

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