Molecular Lab


Molecular LabIn 2005 the Molecular Laboratory at Carnegie Museum of Natural History was redesigned and equipment was donated by Fisher Scientific. Fisher Scientific was founded in Pittsburgh in 1902, and today the company supplies more than half a million products and services to university scientists, hospital researchers, and physicians.

The lab is designed to house 8 full-time workers, each having 62 inches of bench space and individual under-the-counter freezers and refrigerators. The lab is fully equipped for molecular biology and genomics research. Equipment in the lab includes:

  • four thermal cyclers (two of which are gradient PCRs)
  • eight agarose gel apparatuses
  • prep and analytical balances
  • UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  • two photodocumentation systems with UV transilluminators
  • pipettors
  • autoclave
  • class 2 B2 hood
  • several centrifuges, including 3 microcentrifuges, a Beckman TJ-25 centrifuge, and a Fisher accuSpin 400, along with a Savant Speed Vac concentrator

The equipment needed for PCR amplification is available in sufficient quantity to permit all workers to pursue their own experiments simultaneously. There is also ample refrigerator and freezer space, provided in part by one -20 C freezer and two -80 C freezers. The lab serves as a research and training facility for the curatorial staff, postdoctoral associates, and high school, undergraduate, and graduate students who conduct basic research in molecular evolution and systematics.



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