Virginia Land Snails


You have arrived at the home of Virginia’s Land Snail Atlas.

Land snails, which include both shelled snails and shell-less slugs, abound in The Commonwealth of Virginia, where there are 227 species. Here you can see images of each, find out where they occur in the commonwealth, and read about their ecology and behavior. Naturalists and scientists will find identification keys, literature citations, and in-depth information to aid their studies.

Terrestrial mollusks live in almost every land habitat including fields, forests, wetlands, gardens, yards, and even urban settings. Virginia’s land snails vary from the size of a pinhead to bigger-across than a quarter. Some are widespread while others are habitat specialists, and they have a variety of foods, behaviors, and predators. We hope that you enjoy exploring their fascinating world!

The “Old Dominion,” is beautiful and diverse - from its Atlantic beaches and estuaries, Piedmont farmland and forest, and on to its high Blue Ridge and rich valleys, and rugged Appalachian Mountain west. Of course such a varied place is rich in wildlife, including a multitude of lesser-known plants and animals that cycle energy and nutrients, build soil, and provide the biological foundation of our ecosystems.

This online atlas was completed with funds provided by the Virginia Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries through a State Wildlife Grant from the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

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