Center for World Cultures 

Carnegie Museum of Natural History has long held extraordinary anthropological collections. With 1.6 million objects, it is the fifth largest anthropology collection in the United States, and offers opportunities to explore and explain both human evolution and culture. These objects are a reflection of how traditions, beliefs, social interactions, and human biology have evolved through time. The Center explores what it means to be human and how our decisions affect the natural world.

Curators and Staff

The scientists of the Center for World Cultures conduct research, produce exhibitions, and develop educational programs based on the concept that cultures and nature are inextricably linked and that each impacts the other in myriad ways. Visit the Curators and Staff page to meet our researchers.

Projects and Partners

Through research and collaboration, the Center develops innovative ways to disseminate knowledge about the diversity of cultures around the world. Visit the Projects and Partners page to learn more about our partnerships.