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B0036 Mary R. Dawson and Jason A. Lillegraven, editors. 2004. Fanfare for an Uncommon Paleontologist: Papers in Honor of Malcolm C. McKenna. One foldout map, 140 figures, 33 tables, and 10 appendices. 362 pp. $63.00

Table of Contents  

1. Fanfare for an uncommon paleontologist, M.R. Dawson and J.A. Lillegraven 

2. Purgatorius (Plesiadapiformes, Primates?, Mammalia), a Paleocene immigrant into northeastern Montana: statigraphic occurrances and incisor proportions, W.A. Clemens  

3. Spatiotemporal hyperdimensions in paleontology, D.P. Domning 

4. New screen-washing approaches to biostratigraphy and paleoecology of nonmarine rocks, Cretaceous of Utah, J.G. Eaton  

5. The collections of J.C. Fremont and the type locality and record of Viviparus paludinaeformis (Hall) (Gastropoda) from the Eocene of Wyoming, J.H. Hartman 

6. Taxonomic utility of sequential wear patterns in some fossil camelids: comparison of three Miocene taxa, J.G. Honey 

7. Eutherian mammal systematics and the origins of South American ungulates as based on postcranial osteology, I. Horovitz  

8. Hanomys malcolmi, a new simplicidentate mammal from the Paleocene of central China: its relationships and stratigraphic implications, X. Huang, C. Li, M.R. Dawson, and L. Liu  

9. A new eubaenine, Goleremys mckennai,, gen. et. sp. n., (Baenidae: Testudines) from the Paleocene of California, J.H. Hutchison  

10. A reevaluation of the biochronology of the Brisbane and Judson local faunas (late Paleocene) of North Dakota, A.J. Kihm and J.H. Hartman  

11. Rodents and marsupial (Mammalia) from the Duchesnean (Eocene) Turtle Basin local fauna, Sevier Plateau, Utah, W.W. Korth and J.G. Eaton  

12. Barstovian ochotonids from Hepburn's Mesa, Park County, Montana, with comments on the biogeography and phylogeny of Oreolagus, B.P. Kraatz and A.D. Barnosky  

13. Revisions to Upper Cretaceous stratigraphy near Hell's Half Acre, eastern Wind River Basin, central Wyoming, J.A. Lillegraven  

14. Evolution of dental replacement in mammals, Z.-X. Luo, Z. Kielan-Zaworoska, and R.L. Cifelli  

15. A new small dichobunid artiodactyl from Shanghuang (middle Eocene, eastern China); implications for the early evolution of proto-selenondonts in Asia, G. Metais, J. Guo, and K.C. Beard  

16. Evidence from the enamel microstructure for reversals in dietary behavior in the transition from primitive Ceratomorpha to Rhinocerotoidea, J.M. Rensberger  

17. The postcranial skeleton of early Eocene rodents, K.D. Rose and B.J. Chinnery  

18. New specimen of Deltatheroides cretacicus (Metatheria, Deltatheroida) from the Late Cretaceous of Mongolia, G.W. Rougier, J.R. Wible, and M.J. Novacek  

19. Paleozoogeography and neozoogeography of mammals in Eritrea, J. Shoshani  

20. Miocene mammalian faunas, Ogallala Group, Pawnee Buttes area, Weld County, Colorado, R.H. Tedford  

21. New early Eocene mammalian fossils from the Hengyang Basin, Hunan China, S. Ting, Y.-Q. Wang, J.A. Schiebout, P.L. Koch, W.C. Clyde, G.J. Bowen, and Y. Wang  

22. Taeniodonta of the Washakie Formation, southwestern Wyoming, W.D. Turnbull  

23. The skull and dentition of Eumys elegans from the Oligocene of North Dakota, J.H. Wahlert  

24. On the origin of lamine Camelidae including a new genus from the late Miocene of the High Plains, S.D. Webb and J. Meachen 

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