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Group Leader/Contact Name Must be same as Group Visit contact
County District
Percentage of students eligible for free or reduced school lunches
Please use most recent available figures: these may be current or last school year.
Number of buses required Approx. $ cost per bus
Please note that the following information is optional and is not used to determine eligibility. Answers to questions do not affect funding decisions.
How are your field trip expenses usually covered? (check all that apply)
by the school            by the PTO/PTA            by the students           
Has your school received funding from Carnegie Museums in the past?
Yes            No
How did you find out about the funding program at the museums? (check all that apply)
educator email
previous funding recipient
at an educator event/workshop
word of mouth from other teachers/school administrators
during phone call/email communication with museum staff
What influences your school's decision to visit the museums? (check all that apply)
permanent exhibitions
temporary or special exhibitions
school, district, or PTO budget
curriculum needs
student enrichment
expertise of education staff on guided program
How many times has your school been to the museums in the past 12 months?
none            1             2             3             4 or more
How do you anticipate that state budget cuts will affect your school?
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