Floor Plans & Policies

Floor Plans 

Floor plans are in PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, click here for the free download.

Floor Plans 2015


Backpacks and other Large Items 

Security reserves the right to inspect all bags, boxes, and packages—sealed or unsealed—upon entry or exit.

For the safety of our visitors and our collections, umbrellas, backpacks and large parcels are not permitted in the galleries. Nothing may be worn on the back in the galleries, including child carriers. Strollers are permitted. 

Special cases are dealt with by Security on a case-by-case basis. If it is determined that a visitor needs to carry an item and does not have a proper container, a bag meeting regulations will be provided. If a visitor must carry a container exceeding regulations for medical or other reasons deemed necessary by Security, that container shall be inspected and tagged prominently.

Lockers are available for 50 cents in each coatroom.

Photography and Videos 

Visitors to Carnegie Museum of Natural History are allowed to use cameras and handheld video recorders for personal use only. Flash is permitted in the halls and exhibition spaces. However, photos or video recordings are not permitted in Wertz Gallery: Gems & Jewelry or R.P. Simmons Family Gallery. Photography of artworks, specimens, or artifacts on loan from other museums or collectors is not permitted. Photographs may not be reproduced, published, televised, used on the Internet or web, or sold in any form.

Professional photographers and videographers must receive written permission from the Marketing Department to use cameras or video devices in Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Tripods are not permitted unless arranged in advance and accompanied at all times by a museum staff member.