Virginia Land Snails

Catinella hubrichti Grimm, 1960

Family: Succineidae
Common name: Snowhill Ambersnail

Width: 4.5-5.6 mm
Height: 6.5-9.0 mm
Whorls: 2.5+

Catinella hubrichti has a translucent, greenish-yellow shell that is glossy and smooth, with a low, sharp spire. The aperture is expanded at the base. The animal has a yellowish body speckled with gray. The skin has minute flecks of orange.

This animal lives in brackish marshes, where it can be found climbing on plants (Hubricht 1985), or among wet leaf litter in muddy areas near creeks (Grimm 1960).

There are no synonyms.

C. hubrichti ranges along the east coast from Delaware in the north to South Carolina. It is reported in Virginia only from James City.

NatureServe Global Rank: G3
NatureServe State Rank: S1S3
Virginia’s wildlife action plan: Tier II


Meegan Winslow, Ken Hotopp 9/2012

Range Map