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Photo(s): Shell of a Glyphyalinia virginica by Dan DoursonĀ©.

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Glyphyalinia virginica (Morrison, 1937)

Family: Zonitidae
Common name: Depressed Glyph

Width: 4.1-4.5 mm
Height: 1.8-1.9 mm
Whorls: 5.0-5.2

Glyphyalinia virginica has an average-sized shell for its genus, with a nearly flat spire. Its wide umbilicus is large - nearly a quarter of the shell width. The whorls of the shell increase slowly and regularly in size, their basal surface is flattened. Growth lines are prominent on the apical surface but the shell base is nearly smooth. Shell color is somewhat translucent light brown, often tinged with pink. The genital anatomy of this species is not known.

This species is found in deep moist leaf litter on otherwise dry rocky and relatively open mountainsides. It appears to have specific habitat requirements and while abundant in the correct microhabitats it is absent from nearby areas away from outcroppings, seeps or pockets of leaf litter.

This species has also been called Retinella virginica.

Glyphyalinia virginica appears to be endemic to the Blue Ridge and neighboring mountains from west-central Virginia to the Harpers Ferry area of West Virginia. It is spottily distributed in appropriate microhabitats. Shenandoah National Park is at the heart of this animal’s range.

NatureServe Global Rank: G3
NatureServe State Rank: S2/S3
Virginia’s wildlife action plan: Tier III


John Slapcinsky 10/2012

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