Virginia Land Snails

Photo(s): Pallifera secreta by John Slapcinsky ©.

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Pallifera secreta (Cockerell, 1900)

Family: Philomycidae
Common name: Severed Mantleslug

Length: 20-30 mm

Pallifera secreta is an average-sized Pallifera that like other philomycids has a mantle covering the entire dorsal surface of the animal. The mantle is blue-grey and densely covered with minute light grey flecks. This pattern is overlain with larger, widely and evenly dispersed black spots. Without ample light and some magnification the mantle appears solid grey. The reproductive system is not equipped with a dart sac. The center of the jaw has 5 large ribs, while the edges are smooth.

This species is usually found in upland hardwood forests in deep and moist leaf litter up to about 1500 meters in both old growth and secondary forests. The genus Pallifera is in need of careful study and taxonomic revision. However, these small and secretive slugs are difficult to find and difficult to properly preserve for study.

Pallifera secreta is distributed from southeastern Pennsylvania to the mountains of northwestern South Carolina. In Virginia the species appears most common in the Piedmont and Ridge and Valley, although it occurs in at least one Coastal Plain county.

NatureServe Global Rank: G4
NatureServe State Rank: S4


John Slapcinsky 10/2012

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