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Photo(s): Views of the Ventridens acerra shell by Dan Dourson ©.

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Ventridens acerra (J. Lewis, 1870)

Family: Gastrodontidae
Common name: Glossy Dome

Width: 12.6 – 18.3 mm
Height: 11.0 – 13.2 mm
Whorls: 7+

The usual diameter of the Ventridens acerra shell is 14 to 15 mm, with a shape that is moderately cone-like and a relatively flat base. It has a thin lip and a white callus lining, but no teeth in the aperture. The umbilicus is narrowly perforated and the shell is glossy. In comparison to V. ligera, its shell is more glossy, its umbilicus deeper, its apex lower, and its radial striae wider on the last whorl. The base of the shell is smoother than the top.

While Pilsbry (1946-1948) said this animal is found at a variety of elevations and to the heights of the Great Smoky Mountains, Hubricht (1985) said that it occurs only below 2,000 feet (600 m) elevation, usually in rocky places on wooded hillsides or in ravines.

Synonyms for V. acerra are Gastrodonta acerra, Helix ligera, Zonites acerra, Z. acerrus, and Zonitoides (Ventricallus) acerra.

Ventridens acerra’s range is from northern Alabama to southern West Virginia. In Virginia it lives only in the far western counties.

NatureServe Global Rank: G4
NatureServe State Rank: S3


Greg Kimber, Ken Hotopp 11/2012

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