Virginia Land Snails


Photo(s): Shell of Ventridens lasmodon by Dan Dourson ©. Note the laminae seen through the base of the thin shell.

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Ventridens lasmodon (Phillips, 1841)

Family: Gastrodontidae
Common name: Hollow Dome

Width: 7.5-7.8 mm
Height: 3.7-3.8 mm
Whorls: 7.5+

The glossy shell of Ventridens lasmodon has the widest umbilicus of any Ventridens. It has a relatively low shell, tightly coiled, with a thin lip containing a basal callus and a recessed palatal lamella. The oldest specimens have reduced or absent lamellae and callus. The animal is pale-colored.

This species can be found in leaf litter on wooded hillsides and valleys, especially in richer areas (Hubricht, 1985; Dourson, 2010).

A synonym for V. lasmodon is Zonitoides (Ventridens) lasmodon.

Ventridens lasmodon is found in the Appalachian Mountains from southern West Virginia to northern Alabama (Hubricht, 1985). In Virginia it is reported from scattered western counties.

NatureServe Global Rank: G4
NatureServe State Rank: S3
Virginia’s wildlife action plan: Tier IV


Ken Hotopp 11/2012

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