Virginia Land Snails


Photo(s): Shell of Ventridens pilsbryi by Dan Dourson ©.

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Ventridens pilsbryi Hubricht, 1964

Family: Gastrodontidae
Common name: Yellow Dome

Width: 8.7-9.6 mm
Height: 5.1-7.1 mm
Whorls: 7.5-8.0

The shell of Ventridens pilsbryi is a low, brownish-yellow dome, with columellar and basal lamellae in the thin-lipped aperture. In immature shells these lamellae are long and pronounced, but are much reduced in adults. The umbilicus is approximately 0.4mm in shells at 4mm wide, but becomes smaller at 0.2mm in adult shells. The animal is pale yellow with some gray above, which aids in distinguishing this species from the dark-colored V. gularis (Dourson, 2010).

This animal is a denizen of wooded slopes and valleys, found in leaf litter and near woody debris. It prefers richer habitats but is not restricted to them (Dourson, 2010). In Tennessee it has been reported in areas in which the predominant rock type is dolomite, and in oak-pine forests (Coney et al, 1982).

A synonym for V. ligera is Zonitoides (Ventridens) pilsbryi.

Ventridens pilsbryi is found from southwestern Virginia and southeastern Kentucky, south almost to the Gulf Coast in Louisiana and Mississippi.

NatureServe Global Rank: G4
NatureServe State Rank: S2?
Virginia’s wildlife action plan: Tier IV


Ken Hotopp, Meegan Winslow 11/2012

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